Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka Properies Real Estate Property Immobilien Galle
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This beautiful yet simple home, set on 290 perches of stunning and fertile land is an excellent choice for your holiday home. Gardens are well maintained with an abundance of foliage and fruit trees as well as a few coconut palms. The house is well-maintained and ready to move in.

650,000 US$












1 Perch = 25 m²
1 Rood = 40 Perches = 1,000 m²
1 Acre = 4 Roods = 160 Perches = 4,000 m²


Please note, that one perch originally is 25.29 m², though mostly calculated as 25.00 m².



















Sri Lanka is a great place to live for holiday makers or retired people. If you purchase property in Sri Lanka, at the beach or inland, you will enjoy a life in one of the most friendly and most beautiful countries in the world. Plus real estate in Sri Lanka is a good investment. Prices are going up constantly. In contrast to many other tropical countries you can own a property in your name in Sri Lanka, freehold as well as 99 year leasehold. You don't need a "frontman" in Sri Lanka.


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sri lanka beach real estate hikkaduwa

sri lanka beach real estate hikkaduwa

sri lanka beach real estate hikkaduwa